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How much minocycline for uti

What is the difference between minocin and minocycline.

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Information about Minocycline.

In rare casesminocycline causes more serious symptomsStop taking minocycline and contact your doctor right away or seek emergency treatment if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Lightheadedness and vertigo may occuruse caution when performing tasks that require mental alertness or operating heavy machinery.

UsesWhen penicillin is contraindicatedas an alternative agent for the treatment of the following infectionsUncomplicated urethritis in men due to N gonorrhoeae and other gonococcal infectionsinfection in women due to N gonorrhoeae.

Oral minocycline is an antibiotic used to treat a variety of conditionssuch as pneumonia and urinary tract infectionsSome people also take it to treat acne.

Headache blurred visionseeing doubleor loss of vision rash hives peeling or blistering skin swelling of the facethroattonguelipsand eyes difficulty breathing or swallowing shortness of breath yellowing of the skin or eyesitchingdark-colored urinelight colored bowel movementsloss of appetitenauseavomitingstomach painextreme tirednessnauseaor vomitingconfusion bloody urine joint painstiffness or swelling swollen lymph nodes unusual bleeding or bruising decreased urination a return of feversore throatchillsor other signs of infection watery or bloody stoolsstomach crampsor fever during treatment or for up to two or more months after stopping treatment seizures chest pain or irregular heartbeat.

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