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Olanzapine for bipolar disorder

Olanzapine exhibits linear pharmacokinetic properties across the clinical dosage range of 0.

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Information about Olanzapine.

REVIEWER’S CONCLUSIONSFor people with schizophrenia olanzapine may offer antipsychotic efficacy with fewer extrapyramidal side effects than typical drugs but more weight gainThe large proportions of participants leaving the studies earlyin the large multi-centre trials makes it difficult to draw firm conclusions on clinical effectsLargelong-term randomised trials with participantsinterventions and primary outcomes that are familiar to those wishing to help those with schizophrenia are long overdue.

Olanzapine is a prescription drugIt comes in the form of a tablet and a disintegrating tabletThe disintegrating tablet will dissolve on your tongueBoth forms are taken by mouth.


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